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Quotes Kathy Guidry taught all three of my children art in school. While we were so sad to see her retire, we were excited to know she would still be teaching her passion to other students. She not only taught my children the love of art, but she instilled in them there is beauty in all things they can create. Quotes
J. Link
Parent - Pflugerville Elementary School

Quotes Kathy is my oldest daughter and I am so proud of her. She is the most patient and caring teacher I know. She even taught me to make a mixed media picture that I now having hanging in my living room. Thanks, Kathy for your love and taking the time to teach me something new. It was so much fun. Mom Quotes
Helen Carroll
The Art Teachers' Mother

Quotes I know Kathy, personally, and she is amazing. For years I have been doing art projects under her direction and have enjoyed every minute of it. She is an amazing spirit and her talent with helping others find their own creativity is priceless. I can't wait for the first class!!!! Quotes
Artist and Friend