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 If Art is a passion for your child and you are looking for an after school program for the 2015-2016 school year, please consider The Creative Commons Art Studio - After School Art Club.

I am currently holding interviews for students who attend Patton Elementary School.

Students will ride the school bus from PES to the studio everyday.  I will meet them and together we will walk just up the street to the studio and begin our Art adventures.  After a quick snack, kids will spend a minimum of 1 full hour in Art Activity. After cleanup, the remainder of the afternoon will be devoted to homework and free art time.  Student pick up is anytime before 6:00 pm.

After School Art Club is designed for kids who LOVE to create and enjoy spending their time in a learning environment around different types of paints, clay, pastels, markers and various other art media.

The studio will be open every school day.  We will NOT be open on school holidays, so other arrangements should be made.

 The Creative Commons Art Studio is an Educational Facility focused on Art Enrichment.  We are NOT a licensed child-care or after-school care facility.

 If this program sounds like something your child would really love, please contact me by phone or e-mail, and we will schedule an interview with you and your child.

Tuition is $300.00 per month

 Class size rarely exceeds 6 kids  --  All art supplies are provided  --  All art work becomes the property of the artist

 Please feel free to contact me, Kathy Guidry, by phone at 512-663-9450 or by email at 



 ARTCHX - Ladies night

is a one night class just for the grown-up girls.  Check the website for course offereings.  If you have a specific project you'd like to try with friends, we will make it happen.  Various jewelry sessions will be featured regularly, but there will always be something new to try.  Pre-registration required.

Session fees usually run around $25.00




is a fun creative day to spend with a group of co-workers or friends.  Artshops can be scheduled on Saturdays and project selections may be taylored to your group.  Project ideas gladly accepted.  Pre-registration required.

Select Saturdays  10:00 - 4:00 with light lunch included.

$35.00 - 40.00 per student 



Private Lessons

Mornings / Evenings

$30.oo per session 1.5 hour session




Themed Art Parties

 Let me know your theme, and I will create an art party specifcally for your child's celebratation.  Previous parties have included:

Watermelon Bash in July

Harry Potter

Back-to-school Backpack Painting party

Jewelry making

Hobbit Birthday Party

Giant Flower Creating 




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